About Us

Kemco I.S.: Executive Team 

Kemco I.S. has grown into a large corporation, but still conducts business on a local level. We have very few layers of management; therefore, business decisions can be made promptly.

By keeping our management level lean, we are able to be highly responsive to our clients' needs. 

  •    President / CEO - Greg Littlefield

    • PFMI - Greg Littlefield- Eighteen years with Kemco I.S.
    • - Eighteen years in Industry
    • - Started Kemco I.S. in 1989
    • - Executive Board Member; BSCAI
    • - BSCAI Past President
    • - Past Trustee, Tennessee Temple University



 Company History

In 1989, Greg Littlefield bought an existing janitorial service company that had only three part-time employees. From that humble beginning we have grown to a multi-million dollar corporation conducting business in eleven Southeastern States.

Kemco I.S. currently has over 2,000 service personnel under our management system. Greg's background in sales has molded our philosophy to one that emphasizes that each and every action must give priority to caring for our client's needs. We aggressively search for new and more innovative ways of being more efficient in how we clean, repair and manage our business. We are always experimenting with new and more efficient equipment and technology.

Diverse Supplier Solution

In 2009 Greg Littlefield and Greg Calhoun formed Calhoun Support Services (CSS).  CSS is a certified Minority Owned Enterprise (MBE) that provides housekeeping and facility repair & maintenance programs that cost-effectively simplify maintenance and service management. By bundling some or all our services, you can save time and money! CSS self-performs most services and occasionally manages the project using our proprietary national vendor network.


Markets We Serve

  • Campus-type Properties

    • * with site-based management*
    • Corporate Headquarters
    • Regional Offices
    • Healthcare
      • Medical Office Buildings
      • Assisted Living Facilities
      • Hospitals 
    • Resorts Properties
    • Manufacturing 
  • Education

    • Colleges & Universities 
    • Private Schools K-12
  • Financial Institutions

    • Branch locations across a wide geography 
    • Operations Centers
    • Corporate Headquarters
  • Grounds Care

    • Full Service Management
    • Fertilization & Pest Control
    • Irrigation Management
    • Seasonal Design & Installation
    • Arbor Care 
    • Campus style or multiple properties 
  • Retail

    • Malls
    • Lifestyle Shopping Centers
    • Chain Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Banking
  • Casinos

  • Government

    • Military bases
  • Healthcare

    • Medical Office Buildings
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Multi-Site Clinics
  • Manufacturing

    • Automotive
    • High Technology
    • Heavy Industry